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Power of Faith

Remember To Flip the Faith Switch

In essence, consider what faith can do in your quest of higher consciousness.

You can turn on the switch of faith and everything you now need, or will ever need, to further your growth in higher consciousness will be made available to you. Everything. When you need an insight, through faith you will have it. When you need to know what to do next, through faith you will know it. When you need funds to further your purposes, flip the switch and you will have the funds. When you yearn to be of help to someone, flip the switch and you will be able to help. When you're tired and becoming less steady or persistent, flip the switch of your faith. A higher power will refresh you and make you strong. Higher consciousness with its love, security, insight, peace, and power will be with you always.

The main problem, it seems, is that people forget to flip the switch; they forget to allow light and power to express in their lives.

Remember, your expectations may not seem to be granted every time you "unleash" your faith. Your higher consciousness, which is more loving and wise than your normal awareness, chooses at times to manifest in different ways than your limited mind conceives. Nevertheless, higher consciousness expresses in the best possible way for you. Higher consciousness is one hundred percent for you in your growth. It is present. Have faith and turn it on.

And Leave It On 

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