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Power of Faith

Operating the Faith Switch

When you need the help of higher consciousness, especially insight or your inner power to change circumstances, here's a simple way to proceed:

  1. Find the "switch of faith" by focusing your thoughts and feelings on your conviction that higher consciousness exists.

  2. Feel deeply your conviction of the presence of higher awareness and its ability to benefit any and all problems, persons, and conditions. (Deep feeling is not necessary but it's very helpful to have your emotions as allies.) Sometimes a very weak, tentative conviction has been known to work. (Some people have the misconception that the amount of emotion determines the degree of faith, rather than the level of attunement.)

  3. Flip the switch of faith by asking it to express. Confidently and humbly ask higher consciousness to move and act in whatever situation or person's life you humbly choose. Certainly your good will and thoughtfulness are needed to determine when to flip the switch of faith. A good rule to consider in your activation of faith is: only be creative and constructive, as best you can; consider always the good of all; "do only unto others" in your use of faith "as you would have them do unto you." It is especially helpful to conclude your request adding: "May the higher will be done," or "May God's will be done," so that even if your faith request is unknowingly harmful, it will be amended and perfectly expressed nevertheless.

  4. Let faith work! Don't try to interfere with the process or tell faith how to accomplish its end. Let it shine. Let it move. Once you have flipped the switch of faith, don't turn it on and off; don't inspect it to see if it's working or not. In using faith, you deal with your doubts or subtle mental/emotional concerns before approaching or flipping the switch. When you flip it on, leave it on. Know, through your conviction, that higher consciousness and power is moving and working in the area you have requested.

Watch Faith Work 

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