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Power of Faith

Dynamics of Faith

What are the dynamics of faith? Hopefully this often-told but wonderful analogy will help increase understanding and effective use of faith: faith is like electricity.

No one fully understands electricity but billions of people use it and enjoy the benefits of this remarkable energy. Indeed, most people have very little idea of what electricity is, yet they light their houses and run myriad machines with it. The tremendous power of electricity waits in attendance to do what people direct.

Now, consider this. When you enter your home in the evening and find the house dark, do you phone the power company and tell them your house is dark, requesting they do something about it? No, of course not. You simply go to a light switch, and whether you understand electricity or not, your room and the whole house can be filled with light. You can even ask your young child, who perhaps cannot even read, to fill the room with light simply by flipping a switch. The little one who has no knowledge of the power of electricity will nevertheless experience its benefit by flipping the switch.

When you want to watch the news of the world on a tube in a box, you don't phone the staff of the electric company and ask for images to be sent to your house. Again, perhaps not knowing much at all about television or electricity, you can have the benefit of both of these wonders simply by turning the switch on.

Through electricity you can heat your house in wintertime, cool it down in summer. You can have light to read or work by whenever you want it and most everywhere you want it, provided there is some contact with that power. For the power of electricity to express, you simply flip a switch. When you turn it on, something you may not understand manifests its power and benefits your life.

Similarly with faith and higher consciousness. While you may not understand higher consciousness or how it works, you can experience its benefits any time you find and "flip the switch" of faith.

The Faith Switch 

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