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Fourth Week

Now you can really make huge gains in creating the kind of life that you want. Now you can much more easily become the person you yearn to be.

At this time, sit comfortably, take your deep breaths, and let the film roll. Enjoy it in vivid detail as it moves effortlessly through your day.

Remember to stop the film wherever you particularly like your conduct, where youíve said words that proved constructive to other people, when you handled a difficult situation in a manner that was particularly beneficial to all concerned, noting where you stood up for your rights or your values, or where you successfully closed the deal, or happened to be at the right place at the right time. Note each of these as you go through your day.

But, also, stop the film whenever you see yourself performing in a way that you donít like. Wherever youíre unhappy with what you said or did, wherever you donít like or approve of your underlying feelings or motives, stop the film. Pause and reflect: "I donít like the way I behaved there. Iím not happy with the way I spoke. I certainly wouldnít like to do that again."

With the film pausing but ready to roll on when you say the word, take time to consider for a moment: "What would I rather do? What would have been better for me to say? How could I have handled that better? More importantly, how would I like to handle that next time? What would be a better way to deal with this situation if it comes up again?"

Raise these questions and determine how youíll behave next time, what you will choose to do if given another opportunity. Then you can edit your film. Consciously consider what you will do in the future. What is the ideal conduct? What is the best way to handle this situation if given another chance? Mentally conceive of this, visualize it. Have the feelings now that you would like to have at that time. You can generate a new attitude and a new way of being at the ready for the next chance.

Edit Your Movie 

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