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Introducing Three Amazing Techniques

Do you find yourself many miles from that special teacher you’re searching for? You can, nevertheless, develop greatly and perhaps gain numerous glimpses of higher consciousness if you become adept in the following practices.

You will become more and more prepared to meet your teacher and will find many benefits occurring in your life from the application of these marvelous principles.

Higher consciousness is found through an increase in consciousness. If you’ve developed a habit of being numb in the brain or in general sensitivity, all the tendencies involved in this habit have to be patiently turned around. If you recognize that you’re mentally limited and are willing to patiently do everything you can to activate your consciousness, then perhaps there is hope.

Of course, we’re all relatively bright and we’re all relatively stupid, depending on how comparisons are made. But it’s all-important for you to consider whether you’ve firmly decided to daily become a more conscious person. These principles of higher consciousness have to be applied with some degree of sensitivity and thoughtfulness in order for them to work. The path here is one of greater consciousness, not magic. Your ability to be attentive and sensitize yourself to superconsciousness is essential in order for you to meet with success.

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