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1st Technique ó

When you say youíll be there at eight a.m., be there at eight a.m.

When you say, "No, thank you, I donít wish dessert," mean it and keep your word.

When you tell someone, "You can count on me, Iíll be there," then be there.

When you say the job will be ready at two oíclock, be sure and have it ready at two oíclock.

When you say the project will cost fifty dollars, donít expect to jack the price up to three hundred dollars while maintaining your sense of well being. Mean fifty dollars. If you donít know how much a job is going to cost, or how much time it will take, say so. Donít hurt other people through misinforming them. The world is suffering enough as it is from gross misinformation.

Until we can do what we decide to do, until we can be true to our own word, weíre a mess inside. Weíre stress victims and stress is thought to be the principal contributor to heart disease, cancer, and self-destructive behavior. A good part of stress is due to lack of trust ó living in fear of the harm that strangers and acquaintances alike may do to you. At the same time you may feel tremendous guilt feelings for behaving badly and taking advantage of acquaintances and strangers. Itís vitally important, not only for peace of mind but also for greater success in your life, to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Mean What You Say 

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