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First Week

Sit comfortably. Relax. For the purpose of describing this technique, let us say you are practicing introspection in the evening. Evening is often the best time but you may have a different preferred time for very good reasons. Take two or three deep breaths which will help to harmonize your life force and enable a greater sense of harmony between your body, life force, emotions, and thoughts.

Now simply recall, as clearly as you can, the day which you have just completed. Recall, think back, to when you awoke. Consider how you got out of bed. Think of your sequence in washing your body and brushing your teeth, in detail. If you were listening to the radio, what songs were played? In what sequence did they occur?

Recall dressing. For instance, what socks did you choose today? Which foot did you dress first? What did the socks feel like — both as you were putting them on and as you continued dressing? What were you thinking while you dressed? What was happening around you as you dressed? Were airplanes overhead? Could you hear the birds? Could you smell the pancakes? (Or were the pancakes your responsibility this morning?) Remember the sizzle of the butter? The sound of clinking glasses?

You get the idea. Recall clearly as if you were producing a movie. Recall vividly, from awakening this morning, all the events and experiences of your day. Make your day’s "film clip" as accurate as you can.

When you have spent ten minutes at this practice, put the film clip aside, even if you were only able to recall a few minutes of your day, or even if you recalled so slowly and thoroughly that your reflection period barely covered five of those waking minutes this morning.

Do the above first phase of the introspection technique for a week.

Second Week 

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