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Mystical Faith

Subtle Companions

Remember, too, that in a subtle sense your thoughts and feelings are highly influential inner companions. In our chaotic world today it's often difficult to gain fellowship with enlightened people or advanced seekers. They tend to be hard to find unless you've done considerable preparation and can attract or find them. Nevertheless, the companionship you keep is crucial to your success so it becomes extremely important to educate your thoughts and your feelings to be good inner companions.

Study the scriptures which you hold most dear and perhaps some others you know less well. Don't just read them but take inspiring passages and memorize them. Think about them. Feel them deeply. And, in the quiet of your mind, have fellowship with them. These inner companions, based on your love and appreciation of truth, based on your sincere quest, will comfort your mind and heart. They will begin to inspire you and, in time, if you are particularly fortunate, they will convince you of the reality of higher consciousness. In being convinced and living like a convinced person, you will begin to have faith.

Chances are good that your periods of solitary study will give you the knowledge and insight which will enable you to go out into the world and gain the light of fellow seekers. Likely, in due course, your studies and mental companions will also help you find qualified teachers.

A man and woman of faith lives in faith. Convinced of the reality of the higher consciousness, they behave like it both when they are conversing with other people and when they are alone, thinking.

Avoid Fantasies 

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