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Mystical Faith

How Do You Develop Faith?

The key to developing faith is companionship. In your fellowship with those who have discovered their higher consciousness, you will gain faith. Because of their experience, and their goodness, you will often be inspired. Their inspiration and blessings, along with your practice of higher consciousness techniques, will gradually develop your faith.

If you can't find the companionship of enlightened people, strive to be with fellow seekers who are more advanced on the path. Their friendship will not only give you more food for thought, but you'll be encouraged by their inspiration. Your faith will grow stronger. Be aware, though, that these senior seekers, not yet being enlightened, may often give you a blurred picture of higher consciousness and downright incorrect advice on how best to proceed.

Also, not yet having experienced higher consciousness in a consolidated and transforming manner, these veterans can and now and then do veer off their own path. You will have to be strong enough in your determination to love and help your senior friends get back on course, or when necessary, go on alone.

Many longtime unenlightened seekers are only dabblers resisting transformation. You may have the bittersweet experience of becoming the oldest veteran on your path as all your once-inspiring buddies turn away from the goals you share. You will be grateful to be steady and true to your quest but you'll miss your dear friends, whom you admired so much.

Bearing in mind the precautions about senior devotees, don't lose heart. Look for humble, kind men and women with universal hearts. They will strengthen you when you are weak or on a wild mood swing, give you smiles and helpful words when you feel alone or don't know what to do next. Their faith will give you hope. Their experiences help you to discern true from false, successful development from fantasy.

How do you recognize true companions and fellow seekers? How do you know they will help you develop your faith rather than smash it in pieces?

True Companions 

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