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Mystical Faith

Accept This Great Gift

Sympathize with those who do not have faith but don't stop! Keep going. If faith comes more easily to you, accept this great gift and forge onward. When you realize your higher consciousness, then you will be more able to help others. You can speak from definite experience rather than speculations.

You have progressed beyond the stage of a beginner when you have faith. No longer leading an on-again, off-again life, you don't drag your doubts wherever you go. Now you can order and direct your activities so that each part of your life harmoniously enables you to fulfill your faith in your unfolding experience of higher consciousness.

Faith allows you to concentrate on choosing the best directions toward your goals. You scrupulously guard yourself from a haphazard random life.

Through faith you live in the certainty that higher consciousness is available to you and you go forward confidently. You enthusiastically enthusiasm now comes easily put forth effort, clear thoughts, and inspiring feelings. Each of your days is built on a satisfying yesterday.

Faith enables you to be unstoppable. Already convinced of the value of what you are doing, you don't have to be "sold" on what you are doing any more. While it may have taken some time for your faith to develop, you can face every setback or worry. You are convinced you will always have whatever you need to overcome any obstacle and continue moving forward. In this trusting state, an inner power and insight routinely and observably come to your aid.

Many problems and worries fall away from you because of your faith. Your life becomes more streamlined. You know what you want to do with your life and you are busy doing it. You're tired of tiddlywinks and superficial investigations into the meaning of life. You've chosen your way and have put an end to shallowness. No longer living as if in a small rowboat, you sense the thrust and undeniability of your convictions. Like a mighty ship you seek your destination with confidence and strength.

Developing Faith 

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