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Mystical Faith

Modesty and Humility

Instead of fantasizing, dear seeker, labor to be more conscious and balanced. Strive to have healthy friendships and inner companions of thought and feeling which curb rather than encourage imagination and self-exaltation. This is extremely important. Many of those who enter the spiritual path are actually looking for a license to validate their fantasies; they seek to fulfill, in their own pipe dreams, ambitions which they have done nothing whatever in reality to fulfill.

A genuine seeker cultivates modesty and humility. Mahatma Gandhi's daily prayer was to be lower than the dust on his feet. When you attain higher consciousness you will feel no inclination to exalt your ego. You simply don't have a desire to dominate others or exalt yourself.

However, without desiring it, people in higher consciousness often find they are, in spite of themselves, respected and esteemed by other people. Their lives of faith are beacons to seekers of light.

Next, learn how to turn on the power of faith.

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