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Fulfillment Exercises


In your sorrows and in your longing, you are very likely not seeing the world, with all its possibilities, as well as you could be seeing it. Likely, you are not fully alive to the opportunities that may be coming your way. Possibly, also, the chances for deeper understanding and reconciliation with your partner are being missed as well in your mutual or personal agonies.

Unless you recognize these negative influences, they will rob you of your life. You will spend your years in a shrouded world and never know how bright and personal the light of love and higher consciousness can be. You will never know your true potential or express it freely and productively.

Whether your marriage is going well or badly, you and your mate continually influence one another. Your companionship is extraordinarily deep. You know and affect one another on all levels. Being wedded, you have, in many ways, not only joined your physical beings but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually you are fused and diffused in one another. You are profound influences on one another.

Here is an exercise that you might wish to try alone, and together, in order to enrich your companionship, or in order to renew and reestablish it.

If you practice this exercise alone, simply feel that you are sitting with your beloved partner, perhaps holding both of your partner's hands in yours and speaking directly to your partner, pausing after each sentence to reflect on each important point sending your love and insight.

And, of course, at the end of the exercise, feel free to continue with questions and thoughts which are very important for you to consider and find answers for.

If, on the other hand, you and your partner wish to do this practice together, sit facing one another, feel love for one another, and then join hands. When you have joined hands, determine which of you will ask the questions. Remember to let the one who asks the questions continue through the whole set.

Say To Your Mate 

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