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Fulfillment Exercises

Each Key Person

Proceed in this manner while thinking of each key person. Calmly and appreciatively conduct an interview with your past. Add your own questions and vivid examples. Remember to pause for more than a minute after each question to deeply sense the influences inside you regarding that key person.

If recalling a particular key person is too painful for you, don't do it. Go on; conduct the exercise while thinking of another key person. Likely, in time, you will be calm enough to recall the negative influences in your life without fear or bitterness.

Sometimes, too, you may wish to directly ask your heartfelt questions to your mother, father, and other key persons if they are alive and willing. If you do conduct a real interview you may be amazed with the fresh insights your key people will spark as they share their points of view. Renewed understanding and compassion occur. Often a child misjudges his parents because he doesn't comprehend what his key people are going through. However, even if you are unable to talk directly with a key person from your past, Exercise One will immeasurably improve your recognition of many dominant themes in your inner and outer world.

Not only does regular practice of recall reveal your influences, it enables you to choose new and better directions for your life.

NOTE: If you were particularly abused at some point in your past or, for whatever reason, find yourself confused and unable to cope, seek professional help. Be good to yourself and give yourself a chance today. Don't wait around and suffer; get moving! Get help today! A more perceptive understanding can help you to create a truly satisfying life.


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