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Fulfillment Exercises

Say To Your Beloved

Pause after each declaration or question to give the answering partner lots of time for a full response. Allow pauses; wait until you both agree it's time to go on to the next question.

Don't rush. This is quality time, this is some of the most important time in your life. Remember, companionship is more powerful than most all the other influences in your life.

As best you can, appreciating your partner with your whole being, begin:



My beloved, I love you. I care about you. I am your friend. Help me to know you and to love you more.

My beloved companion, are you happy with your life? Do you like the way your life is turning out? Do you like where we are going together? Where do you feel we are coming from? Where do you feel we are going? What are the main things that we share?

Today, what are your main concerns? What are your worries and fears? How can I help you with these concerns, worries, and fears?

Looking at your life in the long view, what are your most important goals? How can I help you with them?

Looking at our life together in the long view, what do you feel our most important goals are? What do you feel is your part in the achievement of our shared goals? What do you feel my part is?

Looking at our life in a short-range way, what are the main goals that you are working on right now? How can I help you with them?

In terms of our life these days, are there some things I don't seem to understand that you would like me to understand better?

Are you happy physically? Are you happy emotionally? Are you happy mentally? Do you have good self-esteem? Are you happy spiritually? Are you happy with our love for one another? Are you happy with the way you love me? Are you happy with the way I love you? I would like to love you more and more. Please help me to love you more. Please be kind and tell me, show me, in what ways I might more fully give you my love and enrich your life.

How can I be a better friend and companion?

When I touch you, what does my touch feel like?

When I speak to you, what do I sound like? Can you hear the love in my voice?

When I look at you, does my love come through my eyes?

When I say your name, can you feel that I love you in the way I say your name?

When you are shopping or traveling and suddenly think of me, what happens in your heart? What thoughts fill your mind?

When we say goodbye and have to be apart for a while, what thoughts and feelings fill your mind and heart?

In conclusion, my beloved, I open my heart to you. I open it to even more love. I open my mind to you and even more understanding. I open my being to you, for you and I are one. I recognize the love that makes us and holds us as one. You are my companion; you are myself. Love me to love you more.


4-Spiritual Companion 

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