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Your Rediscovered Home

It cannot be overemphasized that you can experience and become a delighted partner of your own higher consciousness, that you can intimately know the awareness which enables life and sustains regular consciousness. This higher consciousness is the source, and sustainer, of your ability to think, feel, act, and to be sensitive to your outer world.

Because higher consciousness is the source of your normal awareness, you will feel invigorated and revitalized whenever you succeed in turning your thoughts, feelings, and actions inward. In directing your attention toward the sustaining consciousness you will, with patient practice, discover how to unleash your inner potentials for fulfillment. Simply, seek to know the source of your regular consciousness. Ask:

"What enables me to think these thoughts? What empowers my heart to beat? What enables me to feel happiness or surprise?"

When your body is calm and your thoughts and feelings successfully turn toward the awareness which sustains them, beautiful, heavenly experiences will occur. It does take practice. At first it is difficult to turn the direction of your thoughts, feelings, and actions from the outer world to this higher world, but beautiful experiences do begin to occur as soon as your attention is truly redirected. As mentioned in earlier in Are You Aware Of Your Higher Consciousness, the redirection of your thoughts, feelings, and actions toward the higher consciousness creates a transcendental awareness. This heightened awareness is so profound and pleasant that you will relish it a great deal.

In your rediscovered home beyond normal thought or feeling, you will find priceless insight, sublime security, peace, and joy, along with a marvelous inner power. All of these are beyond the reach of normal consciousness and they immeasurably enrich each day. As the experiencer of higher consciousness, such depth and extended dimensions are added to your life that you will know, in a universal or cosmic view, who you really are, what you are doing and why.



My higher consciousness is sustaining my life, including every breath and each heartbeat. My higher consciousness awaits my interest and attention that it may even more fully enrich the activities of my mind and emotions. It will make my words and actions sure and more successful. My higher consciousness will move through my life, uplifting my loved ones and my world, too. My higher consciousness abides within me now.


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