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Happiness Exercise

Nevertheless, being as honest as you can be, in a calm state of good will for yourself and others, you can start a process that more and more clearly reveals how wonderfully you have been created and how pleasantly old, self-limiting ways can be tossed into the garbage. Level with yourself. Accept yourself as you are and be willing to grow. Your kind honesty will assure an end to the inner conflicts and subtle self-hate which always sabotage your heartfelt desires from becoming realities. Ending the campaign of self-deception, which so many people wage on their world, makes it possible for you to discover tremendous inner knowledge and power great aids to your future achievements.

Again, are you happy with your life? Are you happy with yourself? What would you like to change? What would make your world and personal esteem significantly greater? Take the time now. Think about these questions until you have created two lists:


In My Life And In Myself I Am Happy With


In My Life And In Myself I Deeply Want To Change

Then, when you've thoughtfully completed both lists, read them out loud, if you're alone. Be sure you feel happy with both lists, that they are more than satisfactory. Check to see that your lists reflect your most sincere try. Likely, writing these two lists has unburdened your heart and you feel calm, with an attitude that important change has already begun.

Are You An Exile? 

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