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Truly Conscious

The heroes of our world are usually especially conscious. Whether it's a halfback rescuing a touchdown pass while surrounded by opponents, or a surgeon deftly removing a cancer, humanity applauds intensely conscious people. Isn't it true that whenever a matter is truly important, you shy away from those who seem to be less conscious? Instead, you hire or prefer to work only with people who are able to be particularly aware.

A surgeon at work is a particularly vivid example of near superhuman conscious activity. So, too, is the splendid focus of a symphony conductor or jet pilot. Or, a fine editor facing a deadline, a lawyer in research, a craftsman at his bench. Where would we be without conscious people those who are clearly, energetically aware of their thoughts, feelings, actions, and the world around them? Could civilization exist without conscious activity? Intense conscious activity is so prized that many people leave their homes and travel to large halls which they have dedicatedly built with their taxes in order to hear a hundred musicians express their consciousness of tone and tempo so precisely that it seems all hundred are one great instrument. Also, a hundred thousand football devotees dress up warm and trek out in the winter winds so they can watch thousands of acts of intense consciousness in the course of one game.

In fact, audiences themselves must be keenly aware of what they are experiencing or the whole endeavor is ruined. Imagine a symphony or play or ballet being performed where members of the audience felt free to talk, laugh, and detract from the special purpose of those gathered together. And, isn't it agonizing to attend a sporting event where audience members disturb the game or pay no attention?

Have you noticed also that when people gather together to enjoy a concert, play, ballgame, or other special event of intensified consciousness that many barriers of hostility and prejudice melt away in the enjoyment of musicians, actors, and athletes intensely exploring their human potential?

Further, in sports there are extraordinarily precious times when rivalries are put aside. Often the crowd exclaims in enchanted delight at the amazing skill and courage of some opponent from a distant city. Such events are remembered for years. They are often played back on television programs around the world.

Whether on the gridiron or the keyboard, these moments show all people more of what a person can be. We gain a glimpse of something new within us which inspires our own efforts and standards. We try harder, reach farther. In all fields, acts of superb awareness join men and women, black and white, young and old, together in the pageant of life. We unite in marveling at human consciousness.

So, by the words conscious person we mean someone who is aware of his thoughts, feelings, and actions. He knows, reasonably well, what he is doing and why he is doing it even if his knowledge of what and why is short-term and merely expedient.

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