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Higher Consciousness

Then what on earth do we mean by higher consciousness? Are we simply referring to regular consciousness applied with great vigor? No. By higher consciousness we are implying a realm of awareness beyond regular consciousness. Higher consciousness is awareness at the source of our thinking, feeling, and acting. Higher consciousness is that dynamic awareness which enables ordinary consciousness. Higher consciousness enables you to think, enables your feeling nature to work. It enables you to act wisely and well. Higher consciousness is the essential intelligence, energy, and power that enables breathing and brain function, that enables sensations to enter us through our sense organs.

This incredible consciousness can do far more for you than merely maintain your blood flow. However astonishingly profound its abilities in maintaining your faculties and existence, your higher consciousness will enable you to have greater ability in all areas of your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, as well as materially.

Higher consciousness is not lofty thought. Thoughts are too slow to enter into this incomparable realm. Similarly, ordinary emotions are not subtle enough to contact or comprehend it. Your higher consciousness is the creative power of your existence itself, that which enables you to be. Is this clear?

Perhaps some analogies will help. An electric motor may have ingenious coils within itself and extremely fine engineering, but it will not be able to do anything at all unless it is plugged into some source of energy. In this case, a wall socket gives the motor a contact with the energy which allows it to function.

Another example, our body is made up of various chemicals and lots of water we are approximately seventy percent water. (Water, of course, is chemical in nature too combined hydrogen and oxygen.) These chemicals of our being could be put in various envelopes and little boxes. We could take a medium-sized barrel and empty all the envelopes and cartons into that barrel, add water, and we would still not have a person. We would not have a thinking, feeling, and acting being, would we? Of course not. The higher consciousness is that which can take the various chemicals of the earth, along with the watery constituents and, because of its presence, because of its potency and ability, enable you to think, feel, and act as no barrel of chemicals can.

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