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The Yearning

A Quest For Meaning

Do you have these feelings? Have you ever felt this way? If this yearning were to continue unabated, without being satisfied, it could be dangerous. Without finding satisfaction you will likely develop impaired functioning and diminished ability to relate to other people. In your neurosis, reality can become obscured — and who knows what illnesses might develop after that.

Yet this perplexity is a common experience to most people who ultimately realize the higher consciousness. These people are not merely intrigued by the benefits of higher consciousness. They are desperate people, driven to a quest for meaning. They are haunted by the hope of deep and total satisfaction in the realization of their underlying humanity and spirituality. These seekers crave sight of the polestar that will guide them to values they can wholeheartedly live for and enthusiastically accomplish.

Feeling Estranged 

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