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The Yearning

Enter The Freeway

Yet, in life we all have a choice. The path of higher consciousness is much like a freeway. People turn onto this royal road from the most adjacent community of thought. They also turn off this road when some activity or community beside the road looks more appealing and interesting than the pleasure of continuing toward an as yet unknown reality.

Many people turn onto the road of higher consciousness when they reach a personal state of deep yearning. They do not much care about the benefits enumerated and exclaimed over in earlier Lessons. They do not have to make an effort to be more conscious. They already crave greater consciousness. They enter the freeway at this point exclusively because of their yearning. They need — they deeply need — to find higher consciousness. Nothing they know, nothing they have found out so far, either from respected teachers or from their own musings, has soothed their pain. They have been ejected from routine satisfactions, as well as from the community of thoughts in their own minds. They have to find a love that lasts and satisfies. They have cried quietly for many a night to know the how and why of life. They want to find a place where they will fit in. Somewhere.

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