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The Yearning

Feeling Estranged

Being desperate, they're somewhat menacing to the happiness of others. Their lack of satisfying fulfillment in the regular things of life hurts loved ones and friends who are quite content with the way life is going. These driven ones seem to sneer at society.

"They must be snobs the way they're unable to share in the common joys of life," parents and old friends say. "Their discontent can make them pessimists for life! They're ignoring excellent career opportunities! These strange ones say so emotionally that they're not alive merely to exist. Well, who is? They must be missing crucial brain circuits! And being nice to them doesn't help. Being nasty merely adds to their apparent martyrdom for the ridiculous. Worse, they might turn to dope or alcohol. They seem to be life's fugitives." Beneath these remarks is the judgment that the discontented are too self-indulgent in their dissatisfactions; they are apparently too lazy or too weak to get on with their lives and fulfill their roles in family and society.

Former friends wonder, "They talk about their yearnings and their need to understand life. This yearning looks more like an excuse for eccentricity and a rationale for putting other people down. Yearnings? We all have yearnings. Why do they act so exclusive?"

Enter The Freeway 

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