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Turning Points

Distrust of the World and Yourself

As doubt spreads, nothing seems to satisfy. You begin to feel a churning fear that no one and nothing in the world will give you fulfillment. Worse, you doubt your own life. You feel that because of your negative state you are incapable of ever extricating yourself from your miseries. Distrust of the world and of yourself is a most profound doubt. As the doubt becomes interiorized, it extends to your ego — your sense of self. You begin to doubt your capacity ever to be happy. You may doubt the capacity of yourself to know anything. Certainly your self-esteem is shot down. Your self-confidence cracks apart. You feel little joy in being you. You sense your ego is only a makeshift structure which holds you together each flimsy day. You do not have an intrinsic sense of who you are or that you are a significant and worthwhile person.

This invasion of doubt motivates many suffering people to seek professional counseling. Questions of what makes life worthwhile, and why, result from this shattering of confidence in the outer world, in others, or oneself. Too many people today feel their lives have substantially no value and therefore life itself has no substantial value. They run about the planet killing, shooting, and torturing other people in the most insane manner. Doubt of one's worth or capacity for happiness is a highly significant problem, especially in an age which involves considerable disorientation and regular shake-ups of society. Also, at this time young people dread the earth will not survive — that they will not be able to grow old. Even the existence of the earth and life itself is in doubt.

Out of Your Shell 

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