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Turning Points

Break Out of Your Shell

What does the seeker of higher consciousness do? If your life has been severely shaken and extreme doubt is invading your mind, don't yield! First study your behavior and attitudes. Seek to be, if you can, more of a giver than a receiver. Seek to be more a satisfier of others' needs than some dependent infant. Stop and think, "Did I ever sign a contract which guaranteed me that other people and the world were designed specifically to satisfy my personal needs?"

The seeker of higher consciousness breaks out of his narcissistic shell. He leaves it behind with glee, realizing that happiness is impossible through total ego absorption. He sees the world was not built to satisfy him; nor do Mommy and Daddy, or intimate friends, exist solely to satisfy him.

The cure from feeling abandoned or severely unfulfilled is based essentially on a major redirection of understanding. Life requires that everyone grow. The pressures of growing will build to a life-changing climax whenever reality is ignored or neglected. And these life-shaking climaxes can bring great doubt into the mind of one who misperceives the nature of the outer world. Dependent attitudes must yield to maturity and independence. These highly significant turning points occur to most everyone. Unfortunately, these changes are too often misunderstood and breed or reinforce deep inner doubts.

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