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The Threshold

Convicted and Purged

Then morning arrives and you go about your daily life smiling, doing your job, but feeling empty inside empty and very clean. In your terror of the threshold and your profound remorse, many longtime personal blockages and obstacles are released. In your admissions of self-centered evil and insufferable pettiness, your inner cleansing is so great that a new life can begin. Through the terror of the threshold, months, perhaps years, or even greater time spans of limitations within your mental and emotional nature are released. You become able to think and feel love at extremely subtle and satisfying levels. Your remorse and terror make you very humble and ever so appreciative of that grace or goodness which sustains your life even though you have been an opponent of life.

Convicted, and also purged, you vigorously turn to a higher life. Your condemnation of others is totally gone. Your reliance on higher mercy and a new way of life is readily enforced.

You become, through the terror of the threshold, humbled and all the readier for the pursuit of higher consciousness, even if it should take you forever to find it. Abhorring what you have seen in yourself, you actively seek healing. You will do anything you can to become a better person each day.

Sometimes men and women are not capable of beholding the whole terror in a two or three-hour period. In these instances, the terror experience occurs five or six times perhaps, over a period of several weeks with the process fulfilling itself in specific stages. Each stage relates to a general area in which you have denied yourself and others the fullness of life.

The terror experience is so powerful that your hair seems to stand on end. You have to be in a very healthy state of mind for such a powerful event to occur. Those who are suffering some degree of mental illness are denied this experience because it would be too crushing. Instead, they live with the sense there is an explosive guilt welling up within them. They need the tender lancing of a professional counselor.

A Cleansed Heart 

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