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Mean What You Say

"Meaning what you say" doesnít mean you need to become a fanatic, nor that there wonít be exceptional times when extreme circumstances may prevent you from fulfilling your resolve. However, these occasional lapses must be very rare and few in your lifetime. Note also, it is possible to be constructive and avoid harming others unnecessarily, even in extraordinary circumstances.

Recently, a reservations clerk for a large airline received a phone call. The man said, "Iím very sorry. I wonít be able to keep my reservation and fly to New York this morning. You see, my house has just burned down and I have to look after a large number of details. But I just wanted to let you know I wonít be able to come today. Please make my seat available to someone else." Something else of great significance interrupted this man but he kept in mind that he had made a commitment and he tried to deal with that commitment as fully and honorably as he could. He had learned the lesson of self-discipline.

Are you ready for the excitement of a challenge? You can meet this challenge at home and in your office. Further, you will gain immense satisfaction every time you successfully meet the challenge of self-discipline.

When you determine to go jogging or exercising, do it! When you make up your mind to improve your life in any area, get at it. Self-discipline will enable you to achieve benefit and fulfillment which you cannot realize by any other means.

When you start to practice self-discipline, you determine that you have yielded to willy-nilly circumstances long enough.

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