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Main Differences Between Psychic Experience and Higher Consciousness

The point is, donít fear psychic experiences but donít rely on them. They may be wrong or right, which is really not much genuine help to you. However, the more pure the mind and subconscious are, that is the more free they are from egocentricity, and the more closely you draw to the higher consciousness, the more true intuition ó "the voice of the soul" ó will develop. Much protection in and of itself will be afforded you. For if you truly live in love, who can harm you? The universe itself will move ó with all its powers ó to save you.

The main differences, by the way, between psychic experience and higher consciousness are:

  1. Higher consciousness experiences prove to be right in the light of daily life. Psychic experiences can prove right or they can prove to be entirely wrong.

  2. Psychic experiences tend to flatter your ego and make you arrogant. They influence you to ignore good advice and your own common sense. Also, psychic experiences often portray what you want to hear or what you fear.

  3. Higher consciousness insights make you humbler; you feel honored and grateful.

  4. Higher consciousness transforms you and empowers you, in fact, to establish a finer life.

  5. Psychic visions are not as vivid or life-changing as those of higher consciousness.

  6. Reliance on psychic experiences often makes your character weaker and your mind less clear. You may also become less stable emotionally. You can become progressively dependent on psychic experiences because your ability to think and discriminate erodes. Attunement with higher consciousness, on the other hand, develops your character and your mind. You continuously become a finer, more capable and independent person.

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