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Transcendental Consciousness

The Main Focus

These threefold steps concentration, contemplation, and continuation comprise the necessary faculty of the mind for your discovery of higher consciousness. After developing these three aptitudes, you will find that ignored levels of awareness within yourself become revealed. Very likely the focus of your meditation will become your soul, your inner self. You will make your inner self, or a symbol of that inner self, your meditation object. In becoming skilled at moving through the levels from concentration through contemplation and into continuation you will find that you can realize your soul!

You will know your true nature, and (through continuation) have a direct, unburdened, and clear experience of your Creator. You will see the essential consciousness and energy the spirit of this universe. Through a series of continuations on progressively subtle objects, you will one day realize your true nature and stand free from the bondage to ignorance and ego. As one master says, "When you have transcendental consciousness, you realize you have everything."

It's up to you!

May you quickly progress toward your delightful fulfillment.


The object of meditation, the person who is meditating, and the act of meditation become one.


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