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Transcendental Consciousness

3 — Continuation
(Samadhi, the Thing Itself)

In contemplation you are subjectively aware you are meditating. Believe it or not, your sense of self and your emotional nature intrude on your experience of meditation. In fact, your sense of self, with all its limited past experience, stands as a barrier to the direct experience and superconscious perception of the meditation object. You are very limited in what you can know of your meditation object or your higher self. The quality of meditation must go forward if you are to experience your awakening and find yourself enlightened. That forward step is called continuation.

Through very alert and appreciative contemplation, plus a willingness to allow yourself to rise to an even higher plane of perfect mystic awareness, continuation must occur. Continuation reveals the spiritual essence and nature of whatever you’re meditating upon. This great breakthrough subsequently enables you to realize the spiritual nature of all persons and things. Eastern mystics call this sublime state of higher consciousness samadhi. Samadhi means "the thing itself — Spirit." In samadhi, i.e., continuation, you enjoy minutes of total freedom from limiting egoic and subjective opinions or illusions. Continuation is not a different process from contemplation or concentration. It is a natural, although dumbfounding, improvement in the quality of your alertness, of your attention and attunement.

As you maintain your contemplation and the object easily shines in your mind, free of interruption or distortion, continuation begins. There will be a magnificent change in your meditative process. You cannot make this change happen. The ego, as long as it's active, defies and thwarts continuation. All you can do is cooperate and allow your alertness and attention to increase without straining — straining will frustrate the process too.

Also, if you try to reason your way into continuation you will discover you are inhibiting and preventing the process from occurring.

After continuation you will ecstatically return to awareness of yourself and the world around you. But you will remember what you realized in your heavenly visit with Spirit. You’ll live your life much enriched by your special wisdom and expanded heart.

Some people fool themselves in thinking that their vivid fantasies or reveries are periods of mystic continuation, so it’s helpful to keep the following description of continuation (or samadhi) in mind.

What happens is this: In continuation the object of meditation, the person who is meditating, and the act of meditation become one. In the state of continuation you temporarily suspend your sense of separateness from the object of meditation. You merge with it and know it deeply and intimately. You also lose consciousness that you are meditating — because of your total awareness of the object.

Magnificent Unity 

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