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Transcendental Consciousness

Your Mind Becomes Your Ally

You will notice as you do this practice that your feelings are quite important. A pleasant feeling about the apple and the practice, as well as about yourself, enables a more cordial and constant concentration. On the other hand, if your feelings want to play elsewhere with yearnings or frustrations of days gone by, your mental content becomes less steady and more chaotic.

Also, you find it's important to sit in a manner that is alert, upright, but not tense.

Soon how soon, depending on your patience in working with your mind's contents, as well as how much mental discipline you have developed throughout your life you will be able to hold the apple, or any simple object, clearly in your concentration. Other items and concepts won't push their way like terrorists into your awareness.

At this point you will greatly enjoy the practice of concentration and feel your "effort" was all worthwhile, despite appearances to the contrary at earlier stages. You will also feel fifty to one hundred percent more alive each day now that your mind is learning to become your ally rather than your sabotaging foe.

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