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Universal Self

Profound Interrelationships

The lives of others are always bombarding you, whether you've been conscious of it or not. Now, as a person developing higher consciousness, you become aware of the profound interrelationships between people.

A sure sign of your good will is greater empathy with others. You are capable, at a deeper and deeper level, of understanding others and having compassion for what they are going through. You more readily share their triumphs and sorrows. You are sincerely concerned about what they are concerned about, but you don't allow yourself to become mentally ill through accumulating the worries of others to the point you break apart.

You are sympathetic; you are empathetic. But you live from a position of strength, from a deep well of devotion which does not deplete itself but grows as you care about the well being of others.

This increasing sympathy and empathy is crucial to the next development of your awareness.

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