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Universal Self

All Lives Are Precious To You

After returning to individual consciousness you remember. You remember that the life force and energy expressing in another person's conversation or any activity is something which comes from a source all people share. That energy, that world out there, is an expression of the same living power which is sustaining each pulsation of your heart. Good will has become universal sympathy and universal sympathy has become the unspeakable exaltation of knowing the Universal Self.

After your experience of the Universal Self, your eyes become very calm and you see no strangers. All people are kindred, whether conscious of it or not, whether they behave like it or not. You know, profoundly, their lives are precious to you. Even your enemy is part of you and a friend in disguise.

So, with the development of good will and the faithful practice of some form of meditation as outlined in the Good Will Witness you can know how magnificent it is to be a living being. You can know how utterly worthwhile is your quest for higher consciousness. And even the Universal Self cannot possibly convey to you the beauty and glory of the next states of higher consciousness.


You heart beats in mine. We contain the universe.


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