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How To Succeed

2 Repetition

These periods of intensity must be repeated once or twice a day, each and every day, until the new tendency is established. Even when the new tendency seems established, continue your intensity and repetition from time to time. Refocus on established tendencies once a week, preferably. Alertly maintain the new tendency until it is strongly and undeniably a part of your life.

Remember, the same principles of unified intensity and repetition apply if you are striving to develop a new physical habit a better backhand, for example. Use intense concentration, emotional agreement, and enthusiasm. Be sure your life force doesn't stray keep gathering it into the new backhand habit. Also, intensely repeat the physical movement of your hand and racket, coordinating them with your feet and whole body. Unified intensity must be repeated again and again and again for the new backhand to become a part of your life.

For new mental tendencies learning a language or the multiplication tables, for example relax your body and sit calmly in a state of well being for a minute or two. Then direct your feelings of happiness toward the new knowledge you seek; be happy, enthusiastic, or pleasantly calm in focusing your feelings on your subject. A focused enthusiasm will greatly increase your ability to learn and will substantially diminish the too-common sabotage from emotions which wander while you are trying to concentrate your mind.

Then, with your physical and emotional support, focus your thoughts on your new knowledge. Let your thoughts energetically pour into the subject. Leaving other thoughts and subjects aside for awhile, let your thoughts penetrate deeply into what you seek to know. Become absorbed in your concentration. You will likely gain your new mental abilities more quickly, more lastingly, than ever before. And you will find the experience exhilarating!

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