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How To Succeed

1 Intensity

To give birth to a new tendency, focus intensely on it. Think vividly of your new success habit. Picture it as clearly as you can and get your positive emotions involved. Hold your thoughts and feelings on the ideal tendency as intensely as you can for a minute or two several times a day. Keep in mind, however, intensity does not mean strain. Your intensity needs to be comfortable both before, during, and after focus periods and invigorating.

Whether your new tendency is mainly a physical, emotional, or mental one, it is necessary that body, mind, and emotions join in focusing together each one contributing its intensity. This does not mean the body muscles are to be tensed but, rather, raptly attuned with the new tendency. While you may have to spend weeks or months developing the knack of focusing your body, thoughts, and feelings intensely for short periods each day, you will enjoy the delights of feeling progressively more alive as you make progress. You will gain many benefits in addition to expertise in forming new tendencies. Of course the physical/mental/emotional intensity rouses your vital life force too and focuses its support on the new tendency as well. For example, you will find it much easier to think clearly and to harmonize your emotions.

2 - Repetition 

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