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New Emotional Tendencies

For new emotional tendencies, the same harmony and cooperation are extremely helpful. Suppose you want to be a more supportive less cynical and grumpy person. Take ten minutes each day and sit quietly. Relax your body thoroughly. A tense or fidgeting body will thwart your intensity. Now, let your mind cooperate. Too often, the turbulent mind prevents emotional focus and transformation; so, encourage your mind to realize the new behavior appreciatively. Let your mind understand the absurdly high cost of cynicism and negativity in hampering your personal happiness and your relationships.

Think of the new behavior, the new tendency, in its many aspects; analyze and let go of the old tendency which prompted the old behavior. When your mind is free to focus on the new ideal tendency, bring your new feelings fully into your attention. Patiently generate the emotions which you wish to become your new way of feeling and being. Let go of old feelings, old emotional habits, as you direct your emotions to move intensely, joyously, toward your new way of living.

Of course, these ten-minute periods of intensity will prove an excellent beginning of change but you will need to practice your new skills in the real world often. Practice redirecting your feelings and thoughts away from old tendencies whenever they try to return. Guide your feelings and mind back toward your ideal, kindly and patiently, but with persistence.

As your new feelings gain strength, a powerful momentum will establish both the new tendency and a new life. Intensity and Repetition will win!


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