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Different Paths

Your search will reveal many wonderful faiths and disciplines which can help lead you to higher consciousness and inspire you along the way. Find the path best suited to your individuality and be true to it. You will succeed. Stay on the road and you will arrive at your destination. At the same time, value and appreciate those who travel other roads toward higher consciousness. Whatever terms they use, whatever different concepts may be involved, appreciate the reality of the higher consciousness in each true seeker and his path.

At the same time, as you make your journey, avoid being a fool. There are marvelous nuances of differences in each path. Do not stupidly disregard the nuances as unimportant. Each subtlety is valuable and contributes something. The differences of paths and seekers must be appreciated and valued. More than one seeker has tried to practice two or more great, true paths at the same time. Such enthusiasts not only became greatly confused, they failed miserably in realizing success in any of their quests.

Remember, the quest for higher consciousness is not the same in the different paths. Some teachings focus on vigorous acts of charity and service as the way to enlightenment. Some other schools of thought recommend withdrawal from society for continual periods of contemplation. Some paths focus on austerities. Some develop the mental nature, while others emphasize the will, obedience, or cultivation of the heart's love. And different attributes of higher consciousness are yearned for, or cultivated, in the various excellent roads toward enlightenment. Some masters emphasize absolute, infinite awareness as the goal; other adepts focus on the personal relationship between the seeker and the Creator. Surely, enjoy the similarities and great harmony of constructive action expressed by seekers around the world. But, very importantly, also realize that many paths and goals are definitely not "all the same."

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