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But, above all, if you have determined to seek your higher consciousness, start now! Then all you have to do is continue and you will make it. A journey of a thousand miles, it is often said, begins with one step. Enthusiastically and joyfully take that step now. But if circumstances, people, or events seem to prevent you, know that higher consciousness is waiting within you and is your very own essential nature. One day you can seek to realize it hopefully soon. Most likely, however, you took that big step toward higher consciousness when you began studying this website. Likely you have come a long way already in getting to know your superconscious nature.

Remember what the ancient lovers of truth said: An unexamined life is not worth living. Can you imagine living in poverty when there is great wealth in a nearby room? And the room happens to be a part of your own home? How absurd! Yet people, all of whom are filled with higher consciousness, too often live in complete ignorance of its nearness and its benefits.

"Know thyself!" wise men said. How can you walk the earth without seeking to know your true nature? How much longer can you live without opening the gift of life? How often people accept the gift of life as a fact, a reality, but never think of opening the gift and discovering what it is! You already have your greatest wealth. Open it! Let it out of the box of self-limitation.

Study. Be sincere. Make the effort. Be a scientist. Practice observation and experiment. Be definite and sure in your development of higher consciousness.

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