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The Glimpse

Your higher consciousness is so great that one glimpse, one brief experience of it, will change your life forever. In contacting your higher consciousness you will know that you are richer than any king who ever lived. In one sure glimpse of higher consciousness you will be struck with the insight that most of the suffering and want in the world is not necessary, it does not need to be. Suffering and deprivation are but the consequences of ignorance of our true natures. We have the consciousness, ability, and energy to establish the world we deeply pine for, the place where well being and good will between people is the way of life. After one glimpse of your higher consciousness you'll wonder how long people will live like sleepy, lost vagabonds, struggling against others for brief moments of satisfaction. How absurd this confused life seems in the light of higher consciousness when true wealth, aptitude, and strength are so near at hand.

After one glimpse of your higher consciousness you become easily dedicated and ready to put forth any effort toward its fuller realization. In one glimpse the revelation of life's potential will motivate you to make every constructive effort toward the day that you will reside in your true nature. In time you will truly awaken in your higher consciousness. The glimpse, the vision, becomes constant.

May you have that glimpse which makes everything clear and your quest easy. May you discover your true self, and that you shall never be impoverished again.

What Do You Want From Life?
What Do You Really Want?


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