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A Steady Flow

Good will is of extraordinary importance! You can only achieve in the realm of consciousness that which you hold in good will. Never forget this. For example, if you are striving to gain higher consciousness, you can only achieve it when you have a very positive and constructive attitude toward it. And higher consciousness can only fill your being when you are a thoughtful person who maintains good will toward others, even when you are in highly exalted awareness. Good will is vital.

If you have ill will, fear, or resentment toward higher consciousness you need not worry about whether you will achieve it. It will never become yours. Higher consciousness will never flow into a vessel which is closed.

Furthermore, in your meditations, as you do various practices and techniques to become more conscious, unless you have good will for the focus or techniques of your meditations, you'll not be able to succeed. You must persist and allow your ill will, resentment, or pettiness to be worn through until you develop good will. You must develop a steady flow of good will for yourself, your meditation techniques, and the object of your meditation.

Appreciation Is Key 

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