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Appreciation Is Key

Suppose you're striving to grow through religious observances. A lackadaisical attitude toward your practices, or toward a mantram, or a painting of Christ or Buddha, for example, will result in continual separation from what another part of your mind and heart say they are seeking. Don't you agree, from many observations, that people in an atmosphere of good will draw closer together? Similarly, in good will you and your meditation practices must become closer, more comfortable and intimate.

To succeed in meditation and the higher awareness it will give you, you must become conscious, appreciative of what you are doing. To resent your practice as if it is an intruder, to yearn for your time of meditation to be over, or to study your meditation practice with utter boredom is to be in a state of ill will or certainly an absence of good will. You will not succeed.

Just as ill will makes people separate and grow farther and farther apart, you can become more and more estranged from meditation and the peace of meditation. This division creates a progressively greater distance between yourself and the whole field of higher consciousness and a harmonious life as well.

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