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The Practice

Devotion to the essence or spirit in everything is a marvelous way of life. Naturally, this practice is mainly directed toward appreciating the consciousness within people.

To practice this technique fully, put aside yesterday’s thoughts and feelings. Go about your day striving to see, and perceive in other ways, the essence and spiritual nature of everyone you meet.

Granted, some individuals easily manifest their spiritual natures. It’s easy to sense the power of good within them. Others create more of a challenge.

The project is to note that precious essence which all human beings find in common at the core of their beings. This great practice then becomes very exciting.

You are not only striving to have regular, normal relations with people you meet but you are also at the same time seeking out the true nature in back of their eyes, in back of their words and actions. In being humbly appreciative of each person’s life and essence, you become a friend of all. Even your enemies will respect you and take your word above that of their colleagues.

This practice tends to drive away loneliness and fear. You walk the earth in an enthusiastic manner, never feeling a stranger anywhere. You have found the key of life and the key to everyone’s heart.

Those who practice this technique also strive to value the life essence in animals and all the miraculous creations of nature. We human beings are but one part of nature’s great activities.

Delight In Devotion 

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