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Two Vital Concerns

1 Beware of Ego Fantasies

The attributes of higher consciousness become yours. Insight, security, peace, and joy, along with an inner power to change circumstances, will come within your easy, immediate access. You will be awakened in your true nature and begin to live a new life at last. You find yourself participating in the creation of a new and happier world.

Now, as to pole vaulting higher than anyone has ever vaulted, or becoming a sudden genius in piano playing, higher consciousness will definitely help you a great deal toward these goals; but the physical skills, which are complex and intricate, still need to be developed The coordination of the body with the mind and the backlog of experience required in the mind would have to be instilled through much training. The emotions have to be attuned, and to develop that coordination between the mind and emotions takes great courage and sensitivity. So, while higher consciousness will accelerate you in developing abilities and talents in such desires as pole vaulting or virtuosity at the keyboard, higher consciousness in no way guarantees fulfillment of your ego's fantasies.

Higher consciousness is really concerned with your soul's deepest expression. It enables realization of your true potential. This realization of potential is far more valuable than the accomplishment of fantasies higher consciousness being a very thorough expression of your reality. The potential of your being in harmony with the creative consciousness can bring about, in most instances, a life and world beyond fantasies and dreams.

In awakening to your higher consciousness, you truly give yourself a chance at a finer life. You enable yourself to find the greatest satisfaction you can ever know: you discover the other nine-tenths of yourself. Because higher consciousness is an aspect of reality and your very own nature, you establish, at every level of your being, lasting and ongoing fulfillment. You experience the true zest of life and see in many ways the wonder of your individual nature. Daily you can see the great possibilities of life. Your life, even in the midst of bustle, is ever blissful.

However you conceive of higher consciousness and whatever your approach toward its development, do not misconceive that higher awareness is the world of "wishes." Higher consciousness is not a plane of fantasy but the reality of your true potential which is ready and eager to come forth and move in your life right here and now. It lifts you up to a realization and expression of all the good, the beauty, and the power that abides within your universal self.

2 - Self-Deception 

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