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Two Vital Concerns

Consider This

Your discovery of your own higher consciousness is one of the greatest contributions you can make to your fellow man and especially your loved ones. The human world is the way it is right now because of the way people think about themselves and one another. People act and react based on their concepts of what life is about and where happiness or success lie. We wake up and go to bed in a world that could be annihilated in a few minutes. This perilous existence is an indication of our overall human consciousness. Certainly our ability to destroy the world reflects our considerable skills in using matter electrons, in particular but, while we are trying, we seem unable to walk away from the edge of oblivion.

Great wise men and women, saints, sages, and above all, the Incarnations who have come to earth from time to time, show us the way to a new awareness a new way of thinking, a satisfying way of living. A new, more universal way of consciousness is required and they show us, each in his or her own distinctive method, ways for attaining a universal and constructive state of mind. One saint after another demonstrates the healing and joy of a higher consciousness. Consider your own higher consciousness as important, not only to yourself and your career or your family's esteem, but a priceless contribution to people you don't know in far-off countries a great gift not only to them but to their children and their children's children.

Without more people discovering and abiding in higher consciousness, humanity could lose its future. Caught in ignorance and imprisoning biases, we have lost access to our creative intelligence and one another. Due to our ignorance and inability to meet human needs East and West we may behold the terror-fire of potent, unthinking technology. In split seconds we could become vapor as adeptly-conceived bombs deny life globally. Not only will our future on this planet be over, but our children's futures will be ended, too. And those of any human being again, ever. Finished.

You, in your kindly quest of a higher consciousness a healing consciousness are needed. Your love, your insights, your creative intelligence, and your inner power to change circumstances are required.

Do the work. Make the effort. Balance your mind and your life. Awaken in your higher consciousness.


What is my gift to the world? What do I leave the children?


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