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Two Vital Concerns

2 Avoid Self-Deception

In your awakening to your true stature as a being of higher consciousness, as one who no longer ignores inner capacities, you must be abidingly aware of another great caution. Early in your quest for higher consciousness, while your mind and emotions are not yet subtle enough to easily and clearly relate to the awakening process or to distinguish it from fantasies and psychic experiences you may find it extremely tempting to deceive yourself. Through vivid imagination, coupled with strong desires, you'll be able to "hear" whatever you want to hear and "see" whatever you want to see.

You will find you can infuse your subconscious mind with strong opinions and egocentric yearnings for a few days or weeks and then you will be able to behold some great astral personage speaking to you from a cloud of light, or you will hear a "heavenly voice" revealing into your quiet reflections what you secretly designed. In other words, you can have visions which appear to be from on high but which are self-aggrandizing fantasies. Because you are not yet developed or clear in mind and heart, you may be inclined to presume your "new views" to be true, perhaps even direct information from God.

The caution, then, is be kind to yourself. Avoid the embarrassment and heartbreak of seeing your words and actions smash against reality. Remember, the test of all genuine experience of higher consciousness is that each and every insight from the inner self, or wherever it may come from, must be tried in the light of day practically expressed and shaped. If your new realization works well in the long and short run, fine. If, on the other hand, the insight doesn't bring excellent results, then a more intense search for wisdom and a new way must be sought.

As with humble amazement you go forward to your new home in higher consciousness, keep these two great, all-important cautions in mind:

    1. Higher consciousness does not fulfill fantasies but unfolds your wondrous potential.

    2. Since it's possible even easy to be deceived, test all your insights and inspirations in the light of day.

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