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Amazing Techniques

Why They’re Amazing

The three techniques that follow are of extraordinary value. They awaken consciousness. They release inner potential. They will also brighten your life. From this moment, you need never be bored or have idle time in which you cannot think of anything to do. These three techniques are fascinating to practice. They work in harmony with one another and they can also be practiced separately, as you wish.

There are thousands of specialized techniques which can help a person become more conscious and ultimately discover the higher consciousness within. However, a study of the wide variety of techniques and disciplines will reveal they have much in common with these three excellent practices, which you are about to know. Adherents of most every path practice these techniques in one form or another. Adepts in western mysticism, in metaphysics, and in most all schools of thought in the Western world, as well as masters of Eastern philosophies, including Yoga and Zen, focus with particular favor on these three amazing practices.

Bear in mind, as you prepare to raise your consciousness with the great techniques ahead, all adepts would urge that no method should become more important to you than your goal. The method is only your means toward higher consciousness. Methods are not meant to be more than the means.

Schools of Thought 

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