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And Then There’s Joy

Believe it or not, peace of mind is not the goal or the main quality of higher consciousness. How far can you drive your car in neutral gear? Nowhere, unless you put your car in neutral and let someone drag you. In that case, some force outside yourself has to provide the impetus. However pleasant, peace is a neutral state. Peace will generally not get you where you want to go. It will give you relief, it will give you breathing space, it will give you a chance to change your life. Peace enables you to be a more conscious person; it frees you of many errors that you would tend to make without peace. All of this is wonderful. However, once again, peace is not a positive, dynamic state. It is a neutral state.

Numerous wise men of past and present seem to deplore the peaceful state. They emphasize again and again that one should not linger (or seek to linger) in the neutral, unproductive, and unexpressive state of peace. Perhaps they speak emphatically because some people who have had hectic lives are so desirous of peace of mind that they want to bury themselves in peace, even wishing to disappear from the face of the earth. That is, they would become addicted to nonactivity and doing nothing if the needs of life did not demand that they earn their bread and toothpicks.

Fortunately, the wonderful problem that peace presents is solved when you choose to move forward and go more deeply into your own higher consciousness. By changing the direction of your activities or your life in general, peace next enables you to experience a thrilling level of higher consciousness: JOY.

Ongoing Joy 

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