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What of Mystical Organizations and Brotherhoods?

What does the Mystic World Fellowship think of other mystical Orders, Fellowships and Brotherhoods?

If they teach love, truth, and spiritual awareness, they are a boon to mankind. They will help you a great deal. But if they mainly teach how to use spiritual truths to advance yourself and gain power over others, they are not really mystical and likely will get you into trouble.

Mystic World Fellowship™ has profound appreciation and respect for the work of such organizations as The Rosicrucian Order® (AMORC®), The Rosicrucian Fellowship®, Astara®, Self-Realization Fellowship® and other mystical organizations which are serving humanity.

The Mystic World Fellowship does not teach one specific form or tradition of mysticism but rather shares what it considers to be the main mystery teachings of both East and West. This website and Mysteries.Net comprise the principle mysteries which mystics around the world wish to make known to humanity.

Both websites are written by Graham Ledgerwood, the founder and director of Mystic World Fellowship. He has received numerous honors, recognitions and titles and has been encouraged particularly by Eastern masters to make these teachings more available to the world.

Since in many ways the major mystical traditions are different in approach but quite similar in essence and purpose, the Mystic World Fellowship has undertaken to share the mysteries in this unique manner.

We hope that the work of the Mystic World Fellowship will be a boon to mankind, and we encourage people everywhere to appreciate and support all truly mystical organizations.

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