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The Mystic's A Beginning Discussion

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several of the questions we've most often been asked about higher consciousness. We’re pleased to answer them.

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What Are the Life Lessons?

The 32 Life Lessons on higher consciousness at this website are based on the cream of Eastern and Western mystical teachings:


Christian Mysticism and Metaphysics


Judaism and the Kabbala


Buddhism and Zen


Islam and Sufism


Hinduism and Yoga


American Indian Mysticism


Metaphysical systems from East and West

They are organized to show you what higher consciousness is, how to experience it, and how to apply its gifts in many areas of your life. They start with four inspiring Life Lessons on Higher States. Here’s the first Lesson.

Additionally, if you wish to access your higher consciousness in its fullness and personally solve the great Mysteries of your life, you are welcome to receive mystic training online at Mysteries.Net. The first six Mysteries — twelve weeks of precious life-enriching knowledge — are free. Then, if you enjoy the first six Mysteries and benefit from them, you’ll be invited to subscribe to the subsequent Mysteries of Life for a nominal fee. For more information on this free introductory opportunity, please follow this link.

You can help light up the world.

What Is Higher Consciousness?

Higher consciousness is spiritual/mystical awareness. There are many progressive, sublime levels of higher consciousness which you can experience as you learn how to daily transcend your normal mind — with its thoughts about past, present and future — to enter the infinite, unlimited part of your being.

Higher consciousness is ever-increasing awareness of your spiritual essence, the meaning of life and of the underlying spiritual nature in all things. In elevating your awareness beyond your normal thought processes you can experience your true nature and potential.

In practicing the universal principles and fascinating techniques found in this website and at Mysteries.Net, you can attune your awareness at will with unimaginable constructive peace and profound knowledge. With awakened higher consciousness you live in wonder and delight as you create a finer life and a better world.

What Is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the sublime state of living in higher consciousness.

At first you mystically awaken to your higher consciousness and visit it regularly. After experiencing many levels of higher consciousness you become able to live in it continuously for days at a time — while functioning optimally in your home and career. Then, with further practice and development, you become permanently awakened and live in uninterrupted higher consciousness.

This is what mystics mean by enlightenment — not only visiting mystical states of awareness but living in them.

What Is Inner Power?

As you awaken and grow in these Life Lessons, you discover a benevolent mighty force moving inside you.

Your personal inner power is part of the Infinite Consciousness which creates, preserves and transforms the universe and all within it.

You can mystically direct your inner power to move and express itself in your own life and those of your loved ones.

What of Mystical Organizations and Brotherhoods?

What does the Mystic World Fellowship think of other mystical Orders, Fellowships and Brotherhoods?

If they teach love, truth, and spiritual awareness, they are a boon to mankind. They will help you a great deal. But if they mainly teach how to use spiritual truths to advance yourself and gain power over others, they are not really mystical and likely will get you into trouble.

Mystic World Fellowship™ has profound appreciation and respect for the work of such organizations as The Rosicrucian Order® (AMORC®), The Rosicrucian Fellowship®, Astara®, Self-Realization Fellowship® and other mystical organizations which are serving humanity.

The Mystic World Fellowship does not teach one specific form or tradition of mysticism but rather shares what it considers to be the main mystery teachings of both East and West. This website and Mysteries.Net comprise the principle mysteries which mystics around the world wish to make known to humanity.

Both websites are written by Graham Ledgerwood, the founder and director of Mystic World Fellowship. He has received numerous honors, recognitions and titles and has been encouraged — particularly by Eastern masters — to make these teachings more available to the world.

Since in many ways the major mystical traditions are different in approach but quite similar in essence and purpose, the Mystic World Fellowship has undertaken to share the mysteries in this unique manner.

We hope that the work of the Mystic World Fellowship will be a boon to mankind, and we encourage people everywhere to appreciate and support all truly mystical organizations.

Aren’t Mystical Teachings Supposed To Be Kept Secret?

If these are true mystical teachings, aren't they supposed to be kept secret from all except the few candidates who have been tested and proven worthy?

Both Western and Eastern mystical schools now make several of their revered teachings available. It's true that some mystical practices can be used by unscrupulous people to take unfair advantage of others — or even cause harm to themselves — but such practices are not mentioned here and are not the main teachings of mysticism anyway.

I'm very honored to have studied with several mystical organizations and I want to assure my brother and sister mystics that I am observing the agreements of confidentiality I've made. In some rare instances, one mystical tradition openly shares a technique which a different tradition presently keeps secret; in these cases I share a technique which is already publicly available.

The mystics' "closed mouth" policy truly preserved mysticism through thousands of years. Over the centuries these truths and techniques were conveyed only to sincere candidates of excellent character who were tested and found worthy of initiation into the Mysteries. Observance of the "closed mouth" was extremely necessary in many periods of history when political and religious tyrants often tortured and killed seekers of God and soul. (Consider Europe's Dark Ages, for example.)

Both Western and Eastern mystical traditions are deeply dedicated to service of the Infinite and humankind. The Eastern tradition was changed forever by the great mystics of the nineteenth century who foresaw the colossal technological advancements of the twentieth century — including the possibilities of global nuclear devastation. They sent great mystics to the West — and around the world — to share broadly the science and Life Lessons of Spirit, the Mysteries. Devoted Western mystics, for similar reasons of love and compassion, have made some of their mystical teachings widely available through books, lectures, and invitations to study.

How Can I Become A Mystic?

How can I become a mystic?

Mainly, seek to recognize and realize the Infinite Spirit. This Source of life is within you and around you. It dwells deep inside everyone you know. Spirit is the life force and subtle consciousness in all nature, the power and cause of creation.

You become a mystic by searching for Truth: the Reality, Cause, and Source of Life. You seek to know your soul, your True Self, your own spiritual essence. It's quite an adventure. You'll move from a habitual belief in the world of matter to a realization that everything truly is Spirit.

Moving along the path of the mystic you will be changed. As you realize your spiritual connection with others, you'll know and love them more than you thought possible. Spiritual insight will delight your days but it will also show you what must be improved or released within you in order for you to continue your mystical awakening. You will know ecstasy, but you will also know penetrating self-honesty. In time, you will see mystical light gloriously shining on everything — abiding everywhere in the world and glowing from your own heart.

In becoming a mystic, you will — for the most part — have more satisfactions and delights than you expected from life. And you will realize fulfillment of your deepest yearnings. There is a great drive, built within you, an unrelenting pressure to know your own spiritual self, and to see life mystically.