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Be a Friend

A True Friend

It's fairly easy to imagine being a good companion. Simply practice the golden rule of many paths: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." But, it takes deep thoughtfulness to actually live the golden rule. Sympathy and devotion to the spirit in each person is required. All seekers have chosen a delightful but most challenging project ó true friendship.

If higher consciousness is particularly important to you, start as soon as you can to be a good friend. One day your goodness and your quality of friendliness will attract an enlightened companion into your life. Your relationship with this special companion will become the most profound relationship in your life. Itís also possible that your first enlightened companion will reveal to you that he is not the enlightening one in your life but a senior brother or sister who has come to further prepare you, guiding you toward your ultimate companion. In order to sustain your vitally important relationship and realize higher consciousness, you will need to be an especially true friend to this companion. You will need to be caring and concerned about his or her happiness. As a friend, you will want to share his or her concerns and labors. Naturally, you will want to make his, her, life more pleasant. You will have to know life and yourself well enough to become trustworthy, capable of keeping your agreements. To be a friend, your word must be true. A true friend, you will hold good will in your heart even when you misunderstand or distrust your gracious companion. You will refuse to indulge bad moods brought on by your inadequacies. It is not easy to be a true friend.

A Friend Of All 

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