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Companionship In Families, Too

Sometimes one family has the attitude that no one can succeed in the world and each child becomes infused with failure, usually succumbing to it in school, later on in career, and in marriage. Meanwhile, a family next door, in the same apartment house, with a similar total income, is grateful for life in America and so eager to work with gumption and optimism that each child does quite well in school. Very often these children end up with happy marriages and own successful businesses.

Too often children's minds and emotions are soaked through with the world-views of their moms and dads. Where the father has confidence and a friendly view of other people, children look forward to the unfoldment of their own lives. A parent who is angry about his life conveys frustration and fear to his youthful companions. A happy mother is a comforting inspiration to young ones who not only feel loved and "worthwhile" but able to confront their own problems and enjoy happiness too.

In most cases, parents are our primary teachers of "what life is and how to live it." From helpless infancy through unwieldy adolescence, parents are our main companions. From breakfast through dinner, in the evening and through the night, a parent is a principal and extremely influential friend.

Much of what you think about life or feel about yourself is probably based on your experience with your parent companions. Generation after generation is powerfully influenced by the way "mom and dad" think and feel. So much of psychotherapy perhaps most of it is based on dealing constructively with life while unlearning (or better understanding, as the case may be) what one parent, or both of your parents, taught you by word and example.

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