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Schools of Thought

Many Zen advocates, for example, urge that since the mind is ignorant to begin with, the mind must be silenced through paradox or by some other "mind-bypassing" means. The Zen student strives to stop the misperceptions and the distortions which his or her mind regularly creates through its ignorance.

Other schools of thought generally say that while the mind is ignorant and generally distorts any particular technique, it would be better that the mind be given some food, some reason or some idea of what itís doing, so that it might cooperate toward a transcendent process which leads to higher consciousness.

So, some methods strive to directly calm the mind while others engross and concentrate the mind. Many wondrous levels of awareness become available when either approach is practiced well.

The three techniques comprise what is formally called kriya yoga but you will find similar practices under different names throughout the world.

Many teachers consider kriya yoga a sublime preparation, clearing the way for an aspirant to enter into a successful relationship with a qualified teacher. On the other hand, some gurus and masters, when they make the acquaintance of their new and beloved student, require him or her to practice these three steps for five or more years.

Mastery of these three practices assures a relative ease in the discovery and consolidation of oneís life in higher consciousness.

Please note that the term kriya yoga has been used to refer to other practices as well as those which follow. To a few million people, kriya yoga is primarily the series of techniques which involve directing life force, or prana, up and down specific passages in the spine until body, mind, and emotions are so calm and pure that higher consciousness can be perceived and entered into. Or, more appropriately, that the higher consciousness may descend throughout the individualís faculties without being blocked, distorted, or limited. The term kriya yoga is also popularly used in ways that will seem so bizarre as to make you laugh, or in other ways so strange as to raise eyebrows in perplexity. Since the word kriya comes from the Sanskrit root word meaning action, many teachers feel free to call any actions they dream up, kriya yoga, or "kriya kriya," or "kriya-robics."

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